10 Ways to Live Healthy, Cancer-Free & Full of Light


Use Common Sense, listen to your Gut Feelings


Read the ingredients label before putting ANYTHING in your body. Avoid convenience foods with added flavouring / colors / preservatives / all that crap that we read on supermarket foods, Be VERY selective about what you put in your body. When you have a choice, ALWAYS ALWAYS choose the healthier option, NOT the tastier one… Nothing says ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your body better than being choosy about what you eat.


Eat more of Grown / Cooked foods than Manufactured / Bought foods… Know the oil, the ingredients that go in your food… The Food that you consume is the very building blocks of your Life… Be Smart about how you build your Life


Avoid sugar in all forms and all things, Nothing strengthens your Immune system better than being Sugar-free


BE Close to Nature… Even in the city, Find time to Gaze at the Moon, FEEL the breeze in your hair, Get lost in the sunset, Enjoy the chill nip on your face, FEEL the presence of plants, trees & animals, Feel the Sun showering you with Energy, Listen to the sea waves crashing, Hear the birds above the traffic noise


Love YOURSELF… More than you love your children, your spouse, your parents, your lover, your friends, your nation, your possessions, your beliefs… YES… When you love yourself, your love for others is genuine and comes from the heart… because it agrees with your Energy… when you don’t love yourself, your love for others cannot be real, it’s more of a pretence to hide your own lack


Hug a lot, Kiss a lot, Hold hands a lot, Make love a lot… Touch is the most Healing and Affirmative Expression of Human Life


Meditate and spend some time only with yourself Every Day… Ask yourself how would YOU like to spend your time if you were the ONLY person in the world… and make sure to include that thing in your life everyday…


Think Positive, Allow good thoughts in your mind, Be Aware of your body, thoughts and feelings and allow them Expression… DO NOT suppress yourself in ANY WAY…


Laugh, Listen to music, Read books, Be silly, Allow yourself some slack from being the ‘Perfect’ person / mother / father / son / daughter / husband / wife / any-role-that-you-may-have-chosen… and Just BE YOURSELF UNAPOLOGETICALLY sometimes and tell yourself that it’s OK to fuck-up once in a while…