A simple hack to get your priorities right

Sit down and imagine that your life is actually an immersive multi-player game (MMORPG) that you are playing (like 2nd life, or The Sims)

Now imagine that you just got a chance to pause it for a bit and change / replace any part of your game, Anything, your house, your neighborhood, your job, your hair, your city, your looks, your family, your friends, Anything…..just have a look at your paused life and imagine what should be different and what you don’t want to change.

Also imagine that you can make these changes without any emotional issues or hurt / grievances caused to anyone involved….just a game !!

SEE what you find yourself eliminating from your life and what you want to hang on to.

Not suggesting that actually doing this could be an easy task, maybe it might not even be possible too. But KNOWING this and acknowledging it within you is itself a Therapy. Its the first step towards Acceptance of What Is and it will help you prioritize where you should focus more of your energy and where less, in your life.

Having said this, Now start working towards those changes that you saw, THAT is the right direction to go.