A Simple How-To for a Joyous Life

Sometimes in life, it so happens, that you come across a statement, a fact, a quote, that you read and it leaves you stunned, dumbfounded and speechless and you keep staring at it for a long time while the chill of realization sweeps through your being.

In that moment you realise a truth that has been staring in your face forever….only you were not able to see it because you were busy looking for it everywhere else.

That is your zen moment of “Ah This…”

It is so astounding in it’s simplicity and nakedness that a big ‘Yesss‘ emits from the depths of your being as soon as it sinks in.

This moment today happened to me thanks to an image forwarded by someone beautiful and special. Which says –

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”Barbara Marciniak

This message sent a chill up my spine.

In that moment of reading and understanding this small statement, I suddenly KNEW what has been going wrong with my entire life recently.

In that moment, I knew that this is the truth, the secret, the one thing that was missing, that one reason that I was trying hard to figure out, that one element that was always there but I was not using, that one link which was missing and I was looking all over for.

In that moment, I realised . . . Yes, for some unknown reasons, I had stopped emitting my own frequencies and had become too pre-occupied in absorbing the frequencies around me, often destructive and negative.

In that moment, I suddenly KNEW that all the times in my life I had been happy, joyful, successful and full of light were the times that I was emitting my own frequency and when I was ME.

When I was ‘ME‘…looking at and responding to the world around me as ME…not a person that was being created by my environment, and my world…..rather the other way round.

In that moment, I KNEW that all the times I was miserable, frustrated, joyless, and loveless were the times I had somehow ‘switched off’ ME and was open to….and was even identifying with other’s frequencies, their lives, their problems and their journeys…..absorbing their energies, ignoring my own and trying to live out my life according to those alien energies which were not my own. A recipe for a disastrous life.

In that moment, I realized, once again, the eternal truth, that I had always know…and had forgotten…due to variuous reasons…that no matter how my life turns out to be…I can never experience it any other way except as ‘ME’. My frequencies are my reality…..and that is the ONLY life, the ONLY possibility I have got….this is by design.

THIS is the true meaning of ‘Ahm Brahmasmi‘ . . . ‘I am the Brahma, the Universe.’

And all I have to do is ‘switch ON’ my frequencies, Assert my Intent, Be ME . . . and stop giving a fuck about how am I looking while living my life….rather start Living it.

All I have to do is shift the center of my consciousness from my reflections in others back to inside my own head, my own being…for THIS is my Home.

All I have to do is come back to my body, to my being, to my Home and Relax and Be Centred here because this is the ONLY place where I can possibly live my journey and nowhere else.

This is the Primal, the Existential and the Real Truth..…all else is just Mind games.

This was one of the best mornings in my recent past that I can remember.

All thanks to a beautiful person who happened to come along in my life just 2 days back and friended me on FB out of the blue. It was one of her many forwards, this image, that turned out to be a trigger that started an avalanche of understandings, realizations and ‘fuck yeah’ in me and cleared a lot of cobwebs and answered a lot of questions.

Deeply indebted to Neeru Singh for coming along and sharing this insight with me.

This image will be on my desktop for a long time to remind me not to forget ME.