Are Indians Apathetical? It may be a survival instinct.

The ‘I don’t care’, ‘Mujhe Kya’, ‘As long as it doesn’t effect me’, kind of general apathy that most Indians have towards most of the bad things happening around them in their world might not be a wrong attitude after all . . . It may actually be a survival instinct,

For the sheer scale of injustice, cheating, corruption, unfairness, greed, dishonesty, exploitation, scams, in every level of society, micro or macro, whether environmental, financial, infrastructural, moral, sexual, religious, or social, is so staggering and so massive in India . . .

That if people allowed themselves to feel concerned, disturbed or agitated over everything around them, It may become so over-whelming that they won’t be able to do much else in their lives. They might not even be able to make it through a productive day and might always be too stressed-out and get diseases and die. An ever-increasing number of cancer, heart and other stress-induced diseases, at an alarmingly early age, in India, shows that this might already be happening.

Evolution may have given them this survival ‘skill’, if I may use the word, to ignore and be oblivious to all the crap happening around them, so that they can still live and work and laugh and survive and be able to propagate their species, which is the whole stated objective of evolution.

So don’t blame Indians for being apathetical, or uncaring, or thick-skinned, poor animals are just trying to survive in their given environment like any species would.