Art and Meditation

Have you ever wondered what is the true purpose of Arts, of Human Creativity ?
Why did it occur to humans,
in the first place,
to Create
Interior Designs
Fashion Designs
Everything of Beauty that captivates human attention?
It’s not necessary for our biological evolution
Nor is it, biologically speaking, essential for the
survival or proliferation of our species
Then why is a vast majority of mankind
engaged in either creating,
or seeking and consuming
beauty and aesthetics
in everything…
Why did it all start?
Why are several billion dollar industries
engaged solely in one purpose,
That of trying to make everything
in our world pleasing to the senses and captivating,
Be it our clothes, cars, bodies,
our homes, cities, monuments,
the way we eat, smell, play, work,
What’s the deeper urge of mankind to crave,
create and appreciate beauty in every aspect of our lives?
If it was just to make our world good looking,
it would have probably stopped somewhere,
or at least slowed down…
We probably would not have seen
the constant and restless explosion of
Creative Energy in the world
this restlessness
that continuously keeps evolving
creating new designs
new visuals
new trends
constantly trying to
innovate and improve
as if there’s no end
as if nothing ever is enough
The real purpose of mankind’s creativity and
never ending endeavor to keep creating
better and better designs
in everything
is actually the same as
the purpose of
Now you may have heard this many times
that Art and Meditation
are inseparable
different aspects of the same
one in the physical plane
and the other in the spiritual plane
you may have heard this as an esoteric metaphor
But here’s the scientific proof
that will appeal to the logical mind
why they both exist
for the very same purpose
As all the enlightened people and mystics
have always told us
Human’s biggest problem
and the cause of all their misery
is only and only their inability
to live in the present moment
in the Here and Now
Our minds keep chattering constantly
24/7 non-stop
we find ourselves always engaged in thoughts
Always thinking of something else
always somewhere else
Never in the present moment
We keep thinking of what we will do in the evening or morning
what did’t we do, or say
what would happen, if
what should have happened
what if this, what if that
unknown to us, this constant chatter goes on
preventing us form being in the present moment
in the Here and Now
always keeping our minds and thoughts engaged
somewhere else, in the future or past,
The entire purpose of meditation,
and all spiritual practices, without exception
has been to silence the monkey mind
and teach us to live in the present moment
Our inability to do so
is the root cause if all our suffering,
our anxieties, fears, diseases,
even our incessant consumption
and relentless pursuit of pleasures
We are never relaxed in the here and now,
We seem to be always trembling
in a restlessness
of the future and the past and what IF,
always engaged in inner dialogues
and imagined scenarios
That’s why we found meditation
and that is also why go on creating art and design
When we look at something beautiful,
Be it a beautiful painting,
A well dressed attractive woman,
a beautifully designed house,
a beautiful architecture,
or hear an inspiring piece of music,
We are, for a fleeting moment,
forced back to the present moment,
By the sheer beauty of that object
our minds are forced to shut up,
even if for a moment,
when we experience a ‘Wow’ moment,
when we appreciate something of beauty
We are forced to the Here and Now in that moment…
To be able to actually SEE and FEEL that Beauty..
That moment, however small and fleeting,
gives us a taste of being relaxed,
and centred in the present moment,
without the constant chatter of the mind,
the human mind is naturally attracted to,
and captivated by what it finds beautiful,
beauty captures our attention undeniably…
It is for this purpose,
we go on creating more and more
newer and better
for that fleeting moment of stillness,
of awe, of wonder, of silence .
before the monkey mind starts again,
immediately verbalising what we see
and destroying it
needing to be captivated again
by the next wow moment…
This is it.
to provide those moments,
tiny glimpses of meditation,
of Now-ness,
of being alive
of being aware…
These Micro-Satoris
The proverbial ‘Ah-this’ moments of zen
And that is also why we cannot ever rest,
because once we have tasted it
we want more and more of it…