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    Have you ever wondered what is the true purpose of Arts ? Why did it occur to humans, in the first place, to create   Painting Sculpture Music Poetry Jewe...

  • Aah… Understanding is mental Orgasm !!

    Aah… Understanding is mental Orgasm !!

  • Dilemma

    … All our Growth as well as All our Misery come from Non-Acceptance of the way things are … ~ UrbanSoul  

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    Mannerisms, of all kinds, essentially, is Learned, Practiced and Acquired human behaviour. And Acquired and practiced behaviour, essentially, is a way of a...

  • Intimacy is Allowed Intrusion.

    Intimacy is Allowed Intrusion.

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    What if Evolution was but a Mutation Not necessarily an upward growth Just a way of organisms and species to constantly keep changing , as they adapt to th...