It’s very essential for one to be comfortable in the climate of the place where one lives to live a healthy, relaxed and fulfilling life.

For example, if we live in a place too hot or humid for us and we prefer to be in air-conditioning for most of times, because the heat makes us miserable and uncomfortable, then we are actually subjective ourselves to live a less-than-what-could-be life…

Likewise, at the other extreme, if we live in a very cold place and we DO NOT like it and prefer to be in heated rooms for most if the time, then we are doing the same.

Whatever we do in life, we can do better if we are comfortable with our environment as IT IS without having to modify it, if we are happy living where we live, if we are able to relax in our skin and not have to escape our living conditions.

If one finds oneself constantly escaping one’s immediate environment because it’s causing discomfort, one should do whatever one can to move to a place where one doesn’t have to.

This works with regards to the people one has managed to attract in one’s life too.

Just a little hack for happiness.