God exists,

Because we do not have the courage to deal with life on our own.

Scriptures exist,

Messengers exist,

Creationism exists,

Because we do not have the courage to understand,

and to learn from life on our own.

It’s the easy way out,

To choose to live like a mere puppet,

Under an imagined all-knowing, all-powerful being,

That decides your destiny,

Controls your life,

Makes things happen to you,

Why do we do this ?

One, It’s easy as hell,

It saves you from all the hard work,

and pains of growth and responsibility,

And two, the best thing about thanking an

unseen, unproven imaginary thing called god,

for all the good that happens to you,

is that, you can then also blame it,

when things get fucked-up…

The entire theory of all Gods and Religions,

is born out of one single human emotion,


That’s ALL god is all about.