Happiness & the Human Body

The primary objective of human life itself seems to be ‘happiness’…..this is obvious from the Optimal living conditions a state of Happiness creates in the human body…..

Making it one of the most prized and desired human conditions for Evolution itself…..given the premium Evolution places on any element that prolongs life and the way it weeds out any element that threatens the longevity of life by selective elimination….

Which means from Evolution’s point of view…..all that makes you happy is good for you and all that makes you unhappy is bad for you…..

Which way evolution will take human life…..what it will preserve and what it will discard in our life form…..has nothing to do with morality and civilisation and everything to do with happiness….

Which simply means that our only objective in life should be Happiness…..and not some imagined, philosophical, utopian, moral, mind-games happiness…..but ordinary, day-to-day, basic Happiness which our bodies can feel…..as long and as deeply as possible…..a prolonged state of Happiness which the body can experience and rejoice and live in.

That’s then is the secret to good health and a good life.