Is vegetarianism un-natural ?

Is Vegetarianism a natural phenomena ?

Or is it a learned habit acquired by humans when they gained enough consciousness to devise shared values, morals, rules and principles to live by in a civilized community. When they decided that killing other animals is a bad thing and killing plants and foliage is not as bad.

I mean just think about it, If mankind as a species was vegetarian, would it have even survived the pre-agriculture carnivorous stone-age, when the nature was full of unknown and often poisonous plant species ? When eating other animals was the safest and smartest thing we could do to survive, stay warm and not starve or get poisoned to death by eating an unknown cacti or fungi ?

Our species has survived till date because of eating other animals, just like most of the other animals survive by eating other animals.

Mother nature too decided to make the flesh of fish and other edible animals so full of nutrition that eating them seems like a natural and instinctive thing to do. If we were meant to be vegetarians, wouldn’t chicken and fish be toxic to us and not beneficial ?

So vegetarianism, might as well be, a Luxury, you can say, mankind has accorded itself because of being able to survive for centuries eating other animals.    😛