It’s never too late

Sometimes, due to unconsciousness, short-sightedness, and human immaturity, we tend to make wrong decisions in life, in relationships, in personal growth,
But that’s ok, it’s never too late to change your path,

Even if it’s the last day of your life, do not be hesitant to correct a wrong, for a wrong corrected, is far greater, than a wrong lived….

Even if the right time comes rather late, it is late for a reason, because it is when your soul is ready to ascend without causing harm to other souls…..

When your spirit is ripe and mature enough to handle it’s own growth without compromising other’s growth, rather helping them in their growth as well….

When you become capable of letting go, and setting free those, that you hold on to for your own fears and insecurities, and theirs in equal reciprocation,

Until such right time arrives, growth is not possible, true moving on is not possible, transcendence is not possible,

And until then, all such attempts stand a risk of being counter-productive, and can cause un-necessary, energy-draining struggles against our nature,

Therefore, Timing is Everything.

And as Timing goes, we can never force anything. Everything happens when it should. We just need to be in a state of Acceptance, a Deep Trusting Acceptance. And everything works out for the best. That’s the Secret of Joyful Life.

~ UrbanSoul