Love Actually

And so I realized that perhaps we humans

are not just pre-fabricated pieces of

Some giant cosmic jigsaw puzzles

So that we could find someone who’d fit in

to all our curves & crevices perfectly

So that we should believe in the flawed idea

that there exists someone out there

Who has all the right edges

and missing parts

Who’s cutout exactly the way

That would fit ours

to make a Whole.

That has Never Ever Happened…

Perhaps we are Whole

The way we Are…

Each of us a complete reflection of

The universe whose dust we’re made of

And when we meet another soul

That we feel a pull towards

That we feel a familiarity with

That we know we have known earlier,

We are instead more like

Two spheres of Energy

Who vibrate at closely similar frequencies

Who find One place, One time, One reason,

To connect with the other

And if that connection is strong enough

Nourishing enough

We go on to Create

Through this union and this merging

Something Greater Than The Sum of its Parts…

A new Life Form, a new Being,

A new Picture, a new Song

A transmutation into a New

and Independent ‘Energy Entity’

That is entirely different from

Each one of Us…

So in essence, we end up

with 3 energy spheres…

Two of us individuals

and this new Energy phenomena

That we create

That exists apart from us

A 3rd Dimension of our Existence…

And the point here is, to know,

That we Cannot, even if we want to,

Dilute our own Individual Spheres

Our own Primary Selves

While engaged in the constant creation

of this 3rd Energy Occurrence,

For if we do, we’d destroy it from

The very roots, the very source that manifested it

And that we can choose to nurture it

Feed it with our energy and time

For it enhances and upgrades

Our own lives

and allows us to partake

Perceptions, Understandings and Experiences

Otherwise beyond our individual capacity…

This new 3rd Energy sphere

Does not replace or negate

Any of our individual Energies

But exists outside of us

As a different reality,

A separate Realm

That we can visit and stay at

As often and as long as we need or want

That we feed and build with our intentions

And that nourishes and energizes us in return…

The Only pre-requisite here being

The Undeniable, Unquestionable

Presence of a ‘Connection’

That Feels like,

It adds to, rather than takes away from,

The Quality of our lives

And our own journey towards our own goals

Either through Motivation,

Encouragement, Companionship,

Challenge, Desire to improve,

and to Help each other,

Or even through the occasional

But much needed

Respite, Relaxation and Rejuvenation,

Along our ways…

And perhaps This,

is the Essence of Love,

of Life,

and of Growing together…

Perhaps this is the kind of Love

That befits this unprecedented Age

and Time that we have come to,

The kind of Love that we’ve been looking for Lately,