Man and Woman – The Deeper Connection

Attractiveness, Sexiness, Great body, Sophistication, Culture, Class, Good taste, Like-mindedness, Understanding, Attitude, Career goals etc . . . all these qualities in a woman notwithstanding . . . nothing makes a man love and value a woman more than when she cooks good food for him or shares great sex with him.

Of all the learned and acquired values of all societies that determine how we choose and prefer one person over another as lovers or life partners . . . the bond that a man and a woman can share over food and sex is the deepest, the most primal, closest to the core of their being and most often subconscious.

Because Food and Sex are the only two elements of life in the normally perceivable universe that reach the very core of a man. And the woman who can satisfy any or both of these two primal hungers in a man can connect to him in a way no other being can . . . she is the one the man longs for . . . and often, will die for . . . sometimes without himself being able to rationalize the deep sublime attraction.

Maybe this is why most men are so attached to their mothers because…from an early age she feeds him and nourishes him with the warmth of her closeness. Man, as an animal, can not forget or un-learn this at a deep subconscious level and always longs for Food and Sex from a woman because they fill that primal need and urge in him. These two energies, food and sex, can take him closer to a woman in a way noting else can.

This is the primal, the biological, the existential Truth . . . all else is just mind games.