I do not want a manicured garden
I want fearless wild nature
I want shrubs, weeds, shrooms
Foliage as yet uncorrupted by labels
Growing out of every nook and corner
Out of every possible crevice
I want a Rampant Explosion of life

I want a mind throbbing, pulsating,
with desires and curiosity,
That charts its own course
as it surges uninhibitedly,
Towards the unknown
Not one merely a programmed utility
Trained to tread only on paved roads

For the order that is found in chaos,
Is of a far higher order
and of far more consequence
than the order imposed upon

For to have lived deeply
And to have thought Freely
is to have lived above
the circle of life and death

For its the symphony of rain,
thunder, fire, clouds, storms,
winds, darkness, light, heat & cold,
that drives life and evolution,

Not the constant cold daylight
of cultivated familiarity.