Not everyone is Marissa Mayer…Thank god for that.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was on the front-page of The Economic Times today with the news that “She is back in the thick of boardroom decisions the day after she gave birth.”

And I am thinking, “What the fuck is wrong with this world?”

Thank god my mother was not a Marissa Mayer.

When a human child is born in this world…she has already spent nine months in the womb being nourished and protected by her mother’s body and her energy. Upon being born….the single most important need of the infant is closeness to her mother and physical and emotional nourishment.

When a woman decides to give birth to a child and then instead of being there for her in arguably the most important period of the baby’s life….decides to get back to the corporate board room….obviously leaving the newborn behind in the care of paid servants and pacifiers and stuffed toys….it makes me wonder what kind of ‘precedent’ these human beings are setting for other women to follow….as so glowingly reported in news all over the world.

The story goes on further to say, rather dis-enchantingly, and with apparent remorse, that women in India cannot possibly follow the example of this great woman because of ‘Cultural and Family pressure’….overtly assuming that given a chance, they would all love to.

A lot of Women in India, and in almost all the developed nations, are already victims of screwed up priorities when it comes to ‘balancing’ motherhood and careers. While I do not intend to mean in any way that they should not be a part of the global workforce and peruse their careers of choice….I do intend to say that if their priority in life is their career and businesses….they should not opt for motherhood. Simple.

If you are happier being full-time CXO’s or Presidents, taking decisions that change economies and societies….rather than changing nappies, breastfeeding, fussing over feeding and being a part of your children’s joys and pains of growing up every single day 24/7…..don’t go for the babies. Leave it for the ones who have the time and inclination.

I have seen and known a lot of women around the world who have chosen to have children for all the wrong reasons….which include loneliness, boredom, social pressures, cultural expectations, family obligations, future security….etc…..and not because they genuinely loved children and felt the craving for mothering a child and making a good human being out of it. A lot of them go ahead and become mothers….many times single mothers….in spite of the fact that their clear and obvious priority in life is their professional and business ambitions.

This serves well for them at that period of their lives to fill whatever vacuum of needs they have conjured up as a reason that drove them to take on motherhood….but it unfortunately, often results in an impoverished. attention-deficit and less-than-perfect childhood for the children.

While I always have and always will admire women achievers who have made a difference in the world in all spheres of life…..I have the highest admiration and utmost respect for women who naturally put motherhood and being there 24/7 for their newborn children….those tiny helpless human beings that THEY have brought into this world….above anything else in this world….who would think nothing of quitting jobs or skipping opportunities if they get in the way of their children’s needs. These kind of women are meant to be mothers, by nature.

Whatever decisions are being taken in the boardrooms of Yahoo (or JP Morgan, or Citibank, or any XYZ Inc.)…whether its deciding how your search engines performs, or how your bank performs, or how your government performs. Nothing is as important and as significant than ensuring that your newborn child gets the attention, love, time and childhood she deserves…..and is not left alone back at home without her mother around to help her make sense of this new world that she finds herself in.

Children, especially newborns, need and deserve absolute, undivided, 24/7 attention from their mothers….and if a woman thinks that’s too much….and doesn’t actually enjoy it and get satisfaction from it….she has no business choosing to be a mother in the first place.

When my baby was born….me and my wife quit work for 2 years….fortunately for us we could afford to….to be with our child as much as we could. And that was doubtlessly the best time of our lives. I think that’s the way children need to be treated and welcomed when they arrive in this world….while quitting work for 2 years might not be feasible for most people today….being in a hurry to ‘Get back to work and to life’ and ‘Returning to office in 1 – 2 weeks’ like Ms. Mayer is reported to be assuring her shareholders….is certainly not done.

Almost makes it look like they want to “get this having-a-child thingy out of my way and get on with life”… 

That being with your newborn children in those crucial early days helps them grow up to be secure, confident and happy humans for the rest of their lives….is now a common scientifically proven fact.

This is not about Marissa Mayer…..this is about the thousands of successful, intelligent, mis-informed and confused working women that she has come to epitomize with this news article….that she is apparently “Setting a precedent” for…. who need to re-asses their priorities before entering into the most important project ever of their lives….that of giving birth to and raising up a human child.