Reality Check


We live in a world where…


a natural herb that can,

Cure cancer, 

Slow down tumor growth, 

Prevent cancer,

Relax the body & mind, 

Stimulate appetite & metabolism, 

Regularize blood pressure, 

Alleviate pain, 

Ease parkinson’s disease suffering, 

Helps improve thyroid functions,

Eliminate anxiety & panic attacks, 

Enhance clear thoughts & understanding, 

Help one get calm and centered in one’s being,

Encourage laughter, joy, compassion

and feelings of deep connection with nature and fellow living beings,

Teach us to appreciate and take pleasure in simple things in life,

Discourage mindless consumerism,

Make one disinterested in conflicts, negativity and wars,

Stimulate appreciation and creation of art, music, peace and beauty,

Makes people friendly, loving, caring and helpful of each others and towards animals,

Add the ‘Love’ in sex and make it amazing,

Is NOT addictive,

Has caused ZERO deaths or diseases in the history of the world,

is illegal, banned and looked down upon.



Whereas Alcohol,

a man made substance which,

Causes cancer,

Poisons the body,

Harms and jeopardizes metabolism, digestion & the immune system,

Causes hundreds of diseases,

Destroys the liver & pancreas,

Kills brain cells,

Promotes violent, aggressive behavior,

Promotes interest in weapons, conflicts, competition and wars,

Encourages senseless consumerism and disregard for the environment,

Causes accidents, fights, murders and rapes,

Causes financial distress to the addicts and their families,

Clouds clear thinking and logical reasoning,

Compromises cognitive thinking, coherence & co-ordination,

Hampers the ability to judge the right and wrong kinds of foods,

Causes self-centered, egoistic behavior and thinking,

Makes people insensitive, intolerant and non-understanding towards another’s point of view,

Wrecks marriages and relationships,

Adds ‘Violence’ to sex and makes it animalistic and pornographic,

is Highly ADDICTIVE,

Causes 1.8 million deaths annually,

is completely legal, promoted and glamorized.



And Tobacco,


Causes more than 12 kinds of cancers,

Causes respiratory diseases,

Causes Heart diseases,

Kills or cripple unborn babies,

Destroys the immune system,

Causes harm to even non-smokers,

Harms metabolism, blood pressure, thyroid functions,

Causes impotency,


and kills 5 million people every year,

is completely legal and is sold on every street corner in the world.