The 3 steps to True Religiousness for Urban Souls

Are you a religious person ?
Do you go to your temple, gurudwara, church, mosque regularly ?
If your answer to the above question is Yes, you are not religious at all.
Without getting into a discussion of “what is true religiousness” which has already been discussed to death since thousands of years by thinkers, sages and mystics of all times, with no apparent benefit….
Here are 3 simple steps, for the Analytic minds of Urban Souls, to reach a stage of True Religiousness, the way it was meant to be…..and without which we have made our world the violent holy mess that we see around us today.
Step 1
Cut out the ‘Fiction’ from your life –

Just remember never to worship any kinds of – 

  • Stones
  • Metals 
  • Books 
  • People 
  • Animals 
  • Plants
  • Planets… 
Anything or Anyone that has been accorded divinity by Any other human being…..No matter how ‘Holy‘ they look or sound…..No matter how many people worship them. 
Because how they look and sound to you depends more on You than on Them……and the number of followers never proves that anything or anyone is right.
Hitler had millions….. Jesus had 12.
And A fact about our ‘Holy Scriptures’. All our holy books, without exception, were created by someone to be just that…..’Books’. A medium, a tool, to record their ideas, their knowledge, their understanding to share them with others.
The intention of the creators of these books was that others would read these books, understand their messages and imbibe the ideas and understandings in their lives. That they would ‘Live’ the understandings. That was the whole idea.
But humans, in their never ending cunningness and stupidity, never bothered to read and understand what those sages we trying to say…..instead they started keeping the book itself on a pedestal and started worshiping them. 
“I don’t understand WTF these books say but if I bow down to it…..although I will still never understand it…..but at least all the other dudes will think I am somehow better than them and I am doing this because I actually get it and they don’t and that will be so damn cool…….DUH.”
Worshipping these mere books is as ridiculous as……say……worshipping a recipe book and thinking you will never feel hungry and will never have to eat.
In a way, that’s what all holy scriptures really are…..Recipe books. It’s upto YOU to Learn the recipes and cook up your own flavour of life. Not worship the damn book and think you are on your way to becoming a chef.
But that’s exactly what all the muslims, all the sikhs, keep on doing and calling themselves religious. They worship their books for a few minutes…..or some of them read through it like parrots While thinking of their new car / mobile / business / anything else without actually understanding anything at all and then go back to their unconscious blind lives with an added layer of smug misconception that they are religious people.
It’s not religious…. It’s Retarded.
Then there are those who worship other human beings like gods. Any human, who has reached an understanding, and wants to share it with others, is at best a co-traveller in our journey who has reached an understanding and can guide us to our own understanding by pointing a finger in the right direction and pre-warning of the pitfalls. He should be listened to respectfully, understood and thanked. But if you stop your journey with him, start giving him a god-like status and worshipping him…..and he does not stop you from doing so…..he is most likely an attention seeking fake who is more interested in power than religion.
In fact, Do Not ‘worship’ ANYTHING at all. It’s the wrong method. We have been misled.
The 1st step towards true religiousness is cleaning your house… your life of all this false clutter and fiction fairytales that are keeping you from growing.
Step 2
Start noticing the ‘Real’ –

All you need to do is start ‘Noticing’ and simply becoming ‘Aware’ of all that is Beautiful in your life….. The warmth of the sun, Our planet earth, the life-giving oxygen, our mother nature, the music that you moves you, the wonder in a child’s eyes, the smile of a beautiful woman, the deep calm still contentment after good sex, the warmth of a friend’s hug, the good food that satisfies your very soul, the aahhhhh that comes out as you take a hot shower after a cold day, or a chilled beer after a hot one, the awe that a great painting or a stunning architecture inspires, the sunset that relaxes you, the smell of the sea and the forest, the exhilaration of a road trip, the feel of the wind in your hair, the splash of rain on your face, the joy of seeing lovers cuddling together, the affection of people who are in your life, the laughter that makes you feel alive and connected, the sense of well-being when seeing your family happy, the sense of pride on seeing your children growing up beautifully….. 

Things that our ordinary lives are full of…..but things we often fail to notice because we’re always thinking about other ‘important’ grown-up worries.
Things you cannot pay for no matter how much money you have. Things that invoke the same human emotions in you regardless of your gender, race, money or nationality.
To get into the habit of noticing them again…..every time you experience one of life’s simple joys…..just smile and say ‘hmmmmmmm’ to yourself……and you will notice that your hmmmmmm’s are increasing day by day.
Step 3
Be ‘Thankful’ –
All that is ‘Beautiful’ in your life that you will start noticing IS really ALL that is ‘Divine’ in life.
These very ordinary and small everyday things that make you go ‘hmmmmmmm’ is what divinity is all about. Anyone, who says anything to the contrary, is trying to deceive you.
So on to step 3, Once you start noticing these blessings that our everyday ordinary life is made up of…..consciously start being ‘Thankful’ every day for all these…….thankful not TO anyone……just generally being ‘Thankful’
That’s the key. 
There IS no one to be thankful to…..there is no one to be grateful to…….but there are a lot of reasons to BE ‘Thankful’… Just…BE…Thankful…..and This is called Gratitude.
The really meaningful things in life…..things that make you go hmmmmmmmm…..things that matter…..things that Actually make up your life while you are looking elsewhere…..things that you will remember even as you die…..and probably go with you as a memory of the life that you have lived…..cannot be purchased or hoarded. They are a gift from existence. You have done nothing to earn or deserve them. They are a gift to you just because you are YOU. So be Thankful……rather be in a ‘Thankful’ state……not actually thanking anyone……just being full of Gratitude.
If being in this ‘Undirected Thankfulness’ becomes a daily habit…..soon it will become your very nature. And when it becomes part of your nature… will have already become more religious than all the saints, all the priests and all the holy men in the world.
It’s just a matter of changing your focus from the Fictitious to the Real… Your Very Own Life. There is no where else to go.