The Feel of a City

It’s confirmed. It’s the psychic vibrations, the MINDS of the inhabitants that characterize a town, give it it’s Personality,

It’s the Feeling that we get when we visit a town,

It’s the thing we try to define when describing a city using adjectives like slow, fast, vibrant, buzzing, sad, chilled-out etc…

How a city developes and grows, even Physically, is actually like a painting that is painted with the colors of the Attitudes, Beliefs, Aspirations and most importantly, Self-perceptions of the people who inhabit it.

Pune’s essential personality is Relaxed, Unhurried, Accepting, Modestly ambitious, Peacefully traditional, Non-questioning.

Bombay’s inherent personality is restless, anxious, mostly on survival-mode, resigned-to-circumstances, instant-gratification-seeker, justification-hunter, with an obsessive need to prove something, and selectively practiced beliefs of Grandeur.