The Power of our Audience

Beneath it all, we are all but actors in life, living our lives, playing our roles, for our own respective, carefully chosen, audience.


What kind of a person we are at any point of time in life, depends on who our audience is at that time. We tend to choose our audience and then live our entire lives in a way that they would approve, some choose society, some choose friends, some choose parents, some choose the rebels, some choose the crowd, some choose religion, some choose the sinners, some choose nations, some choose a race, some choose the creative, some choose the outcasts, some choose god, some courageous ones even choose themselves,


Whoever our selected audience is, we all tend to choose the kind of people most similar to ourselves because that would mean having to work less hard in playing our roles for them in this continues 24/7 play we call life,


The friends, lovers, family, acquaintances, communities we have gathered around us throughout our lives, are our audience and they shape our personalities and our lives more than we think.


Therefore, If one wants to change one’s life, one’s persona, one’s outer self, all one needs to do is change one’s audience. 

~ UrbanSoul