The River of Life

It happens

If we stay in a life situation,
A job, a house, a relationship, 
A belief system, a way of thinking, 
A set of friends, a lifestyle,
For too long,
We start feeling Old,
Stagnated, Stuck, Bored in life,
We fall victim to that ‘Quicksand of Energy’ called ‘Routine’.

is necessary in a very fundamental way, 

Change is necessary for growth,
Change keeps us Sharp,
Change keeps us Alive,
Change keeps us Awake,
Change keeps us Interested,
Change keeps us Moving,
Change keeps us Growing,
Change helps us solidify our Identity,
Our Self-perception,
By making us aware of our center,
In a constantly changing environment.

Therefore, whenever we are bored
And start feeling stuck,
It feels good
To change our environment,
Our house, our car,
Our wardrobe, our hair,
Our partner, our job,
Our Life.

To keep changing
Is to keep Growing
Life is a stream of constant changes
Not to get stuck anywhere
No matter how comfortable one gets

Life is not meant for staying in one place
Like a stagnant pond that gathers mud and starts stinking…
Life is meant to be like a flowing river,
Constantly moving, constantly Fresh.
Devoid of attachments,
Gathering new Experiences
The more Varied, the Richer it is

All Change, therefore, is Good, 
Whether it immediately feels good or not.