The True Rebel

Underneath all the rhetorics and cliches, ‘Success’, as we know it, is never about how intelligent, how creative, how skilled, or how talented we are…’s about how well we play society’s games.
Even if you consider yourself a rebel, a non-conformist, you are still playing the game. You see, our society has very complex, multi-layered games going on, in which there are also parts of rebels, trouble-makers, anti-socials, and you’ve simply chosen to play those parts, and it all depends on how well you play your part, how well you conform to what is expected of you in the game.
A true rebel, an authentic man, is the one who doesn’t even think about, doesn’t even consider, society or other people, in his life, he does’t care if he is rebelling against or conforming to some set of rules, he simply IS. He’s so busy being himself that the concept or choices of being a conformist or a rebel, do not even occur to him.
~ UrbanSoul