Tip for guys

Tip for guys –

If you’re dating a girl and things are getting serious and marriage is on the cards . . . spend some time with her mother and notice her, is she loving, caring and happy as an individual? is she a relaxed and easy-going kind of a person? Or is she controlling or manipulative in any way? Is she an emotional person and displays her emotions easily or is she always in control? Does she laugh, hug, comforts her family easily? Is she a positive or a negative person? Most importantly, What’s her attitude towards her husband? Spend some time with her and try to notice these things . . . because most likely this is exactly what your woman will be like a few years down the line.

This is what the person, inside the girl you are marrying, is like . . . at many levels, this person is who you’ll be spending your entire life with. Seriously. 

This is more true than we would like to believe.

Tip for girls –

Do the Same check with his father. It’s Equally true.